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U.S. History


19th c. Primary Sources

This is a guide to scholarly research and primary source collections related to United States history. Subpages include Boston history, Indigenous people's histories, Caribbean history, as well as African American History.

Researching the 19th Century

What's on This Page

    Broad Digital Collections

    Sources: Books and Manuscripts

    Sources: Data and Statistics

    To access additional data sets, visit BC Libraries' Historical Data & Statistics page.

    Sources: Emphemera - Advertisements and Broadsides

    For additional posters, postcards, political cartoons, and other ephemera, visit BC Libraries' Historical Objects research page.

    Sources: Gov. Docs. and Law

    For other Legal History Resources, visit BC Law School's Legal History Resources Page.

    Sources: Maps

    For more maps, visit BC Libraries' Historical Maps page.

    Sources: Newspapers and Periodicals

    For historical newspapers and television, visit BC Libraries' Historical News page.

    Sources: Personal Papers

    Topics: Civil and Social Rights

    For additional primary source collections related to Civil Rights movements in the U.S. between Reconstruction and the 21st century, see the corresponding BC Libraries' Research Guide.

    Topics: Civil War

    For additional primary source collections on the U.S. Civil War, see the corresponding BC Libraries' Research Guide.

    Topics: Slavery & Abolition

    For additional collections on slavery and abolition, see BC Libraries' Research Guide for Abolitionist Movements page.

    Topics: Spanish-American War

    Topics: U.S. Overseas

    Map of the United States from 1884

    Caption: Gannett, Henry. “Map of the United States Showing Progress in Preparation and Engraving of Topographic Maps.” Map. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Geological Survey, 1884.

    For Additional Help

    For additional recommendations, contact your History Liaison, Erin, at or schedule an appointment.