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To ensure that all Boston College faculty, staff, students, and visitors have access to the libraries' collections, resources and facilities, a variety of services are provided to assist users with disabilities. Anyone conducting research in the libraries may request staff assistance.

Accommodation Eligible Status

We provide on-shelf request and pick-up service at all libraries,  a 120-day loan period and the ability to designate a proxy borrower for students designated Accommodation Eligible. For more information about how to register, students should contact the Disability Services Office.

Animal Policy

With the exception of service animals, library patrons are not allowed to bring animals into the Boston College Libraries. While at the library, patrons with service animals must control their animals and clean up after them. Failure to do so may result in a request to remove the animal from the library.

Book Retrieval

We provide physical assistance with retrieving books from the stacks. Most requests can be accommodated at point of need. However, if requesting multiple items, please call the library where the books are housed in advance so that staff can have the items ready for pick-up at the designated circulation desk. For more information, call the O'Neill Library Circulation Desk (617) 552-8038 or email us at

Building Access

All Boston College libraries are accessible by wheelchair. A list of accessible entrances to major buildings on campus can be found on the Disability Services site under Building Accessibility. The O'Neill Library bathrooms are equipped with automated door openers.  If you need special assistance in order to visit the Libraries, please contact us before you come.  

Course Materials & Textbooks

Students with visual and/or auditory impairments who need to obtain textbooks or course readings in an accessible format should email the Disability Services Office at

HathiTrust Material

HathiTrust is a vast collection of digitized public domain and in-copyright books from many libraries including Boston College. Eligible patrons at BC who have a print disability can receive special access to in-copyright materials. According to the HathiTrust, a print disability is "a disability – such as a visual impairment, learning disability physical disability, or other disability – that impedes a person’s ability to access print in the standard way." Detailed instructions on how to identify books and make a request for special access can be found at HathiTrust Accessibility or email the Boston College HathiTrust access group

Printing & Scanning

We provide assistance with printing and scanning and have accessible scanners in each library.  If you need assistance, please visit the circulation desk.

Reasonable Accommodation for People with Disabilities Process

Boston College will provide a reasonable accommodation to qualified people with disabilities.  For more information, including the process, visit the Reasonable Accommodation for People with Disabilities page.

Vision Resources

The vision resources workstation is located on the 3rd floor of O'Neill Library and is equipped with JAWS screen reading software.

You can checkout a vision resources laptop from O’Neill Library’s 3rd floor circulation desk. The vision resources laptop can be checked out for four hours.  

Please contact the Disability Services Office at or 617-552-3470 with questions or concerns.


Visitors needing accommodations may request assistance at the circulation desk of any of the libraries.