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US History


Boston History

This is a guide to scholarly research and primary source collections related to United States history. Subpages include Boston history, Indigenous people's histories, Caribbean history, as well as African American History.

Page under Construction

This page is currently under construction and far from complete. If you notice broken links or have suggestions, please write the subject librarian an e-mail. 

What's on This Page

    Digital Boston

    Data & Statistics


    Maps of Boston

    News from/about Boston

    For historical newspapers and television, visit BC Libraries' Historical News page.

    Repositories and Archives: Local

    For details about BC's own archives and special collections, see the Burns Library page on their Boston collections. Other local archival repositories that are potentially useful include:

    Personal Papers

    Urban History

    For more Boston-related collections and information, visit BC Libraries' Boston History page.


    Large Digital Collections

    Map of Boston from 1899

    Boston 1899 from LOCCaption: Downes, Albert E. “Boston 1899.” Map. Boston: Geo. H. Walker & Co., 1899.

    For additional help

    For additional recommendations, contact your subject liaison (Dr. Bee Lehman) at or schedule an appointment with them.