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Boston College library's mission statement


The Boston College Libraries add Value Beyond Discovery. 

BC Libraries serve the University’s distinctive mission by fostering student formation and world-class research in the Jesuit Catholic intellectual tradition. As stewards of knowledge creation and dissemination, we deliver excellence through inclusive services, collections, and spaces.

As members of the BC community, we embrace diversity and promote belonging by intentionally cultivating a culture of care.  We make our Libraries places of possibility where everyone can discover, imagine, and create.

Library Guiding Principles:

  • Access - We support academic inquiry and intellectual freedom by providing equitable access to the highest quality scholarly resources and services whenever and wherever users need them.  
  • Innovation - We are a creative, experimental, and responsive organization that engages with the global scholarly community to achieve distinction in research, learning, and teaching.
  • Stewardship - We cultivate and preserve our collections, manage our resources, and prepare for the future in support of Boston College's academic mission as a Jesuit, Catholic University.
  • People - We cultivate an open, respectful, diverse, and collaborative environment that contributes to the intellectual and ethical growth of the Boston College community.  

Library Workplace Values: 

  • Community We support each other with kindness and generosity and cultivate an inclusive and collaborative workplace.
  • Communication We create an environment of open communication that builds constructive relationships within and across work groups.
  • Accountability We work individually and collaboratively to provide outstanding service and are accountable to ourselves, our work groups, and the Boston College Libraries.
  • Improvement We engage in continuous assessment and  improvement of our skills and work processes.  The Libraries encourage and support our participation in learning opportunities and professional development. 
  • Initiative We are committed to excellence and support personal initiative, risk-taking, and creativity to foster individual development and superior library services. 

Library Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Values: EDI Statement

Library Assessment Questions
These questions guide us as we plan for new services and reflect on activities.

  • Is it good for the user?
  • Is it good for Boston College?
  • Is it the right thing to do?
  • Is it sustainable?