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Gift Policy



Aug. 1, 2019

Gift Policy

O'Neill Library, Bapst Library, and the Social Work Library are not accepting book donations.

Gift materials help expand and enrich the Boston College Libraries collections. While we welcome inquiries about gift donations of all types of recorded information supporting the university's curricular and research programs, our ability to accept gifts is constrained by space limitations, and the need to preserve space for new titles published in our collecting areas. Prospective donors should consult with a Subject Librarian or the Head of Collection Development, O’Neill Library, when planning to donate books and other printed or recorded material. For materials that may be best suited to our Special Collections, please see the donation policy for the John J. Burns Library donation policy

All offers of gifts receive careful consideration and are evaluated in terms of the collection development goals of the Libraries. These considerations include:

  • Does the material duplicate materials already found in the collection?

  • Does the material provide support for the current and evolving curriculum?

  • Does the material provide support for the research needs of faculty and students?

  • Does the material maintain and enhance older collections in depth?

Materials appropriate for the collection include:

  • Scholarly monographs, hardbound or good quality paperback

  • Music CD's and scores

  • DVD's.

Depending on the number of volumes being offered to a library, donors may be asked to provide a list of titles.  In very limited cases, an on-site evaluation of the collection by the appropriate subject librarian may take place before a determination to accept can be made. We encourage donors to obtain an independent appraisal of the gift's value for income tax purposes. Because the Libraries are the receiving parties, federal regulations prohibit our supplying a dollar value to the gift.  Donors may wish to consult their personal attorney or tax advisor for further information and legal advice. We will not accept gifts on which a donor places restrictions that will negatively affect the use of the materials.  The Libraries cannot guarantee that any donated materials will be retained permanently given the evolving nature of the Libraries collections;  unwanted materials may be withdrawn in accordance with the Libraries policies at a later date.

Gifts delivered directly to the libraries without prior communication with a Librarian will not be accepted. The American Library Association has provided a Book Donations webpage that offers an array of organizations and companies that accept book donations.

O'Neill Library and Bapst Library

O'Neill Library and Bapst Library are not currently accepting book donations.

Educational Resource Center

Jessica Hinson-Williams
Head Librarian | 617-552-1172

The John J. Burns Library

Christian Dupont
Burns Librarian & Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources
617-552-0105 |

Social Work Library

The Social Work Library is currently not accepting book donations.

Theology and Ministry Library

Steve Dalton
Head Librarian
617-552-6540 |