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Submission Workflow in OJS 3


Stage 3 - Copyediting

This guide will help work you through the four stages; Submission, Review, Copyediting, and Production of the OJS submission workflow.


Now that you have moved past the Reviewer stage, you have entered the Copyedit stage - this the screen you will be brought to.  It is very similar to the reviewer screen.

  1. Similar to the Review stage, the first thing you will need to do (if the article does indeed need to be copyedited) is select a Participant for copyediting.  Click on Assign, circled in the image above, to be shown your choices for Copyeditor. 

  1. In the Assign Participant screen, there are two drop-downs which are shown in the red boxes in the image above.
    • The first drop-down at the top of the screen, you will have the option to categorize your users based on their role - Copyeditor has been selected in the example above, narrowing the list of Names to only the users who are "Copyeditors" for our journal.
    • The second drop-down is for selecting the type of email template you will be sending.  You will options for review request, invitations to join the journal as a user, etc - ultimately, for this stage, you will likely want what has been selected here; "Copyediting Request." This will generate a template email - pertinent details, such as the copyeditors name and the name of your journal, will be inserted correctly.  
  2. Once you have selected your copyeditor, in this case Jane Test, click OK and you will be brought back to the Copyeditor screen.

As you will see, there is a Notification on the top of the screen making clear that this article is still awaiting copyedits, however, once an article has been submitted to the copyedit stage, it can be pushed to production at any time.  There is not an editorial record for copyediting in the same way as there is for reviewing.

Next we will take a look at what Jane sees after getting the invitation to copyedit email and begins the process.


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