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Submission Workflow in OJS 3


Stage 2 - Review

This guide will help work you through the four stages; Submission, Review, Copyediting, and Production of the OJS submission workflow.

The Review Stage

Once you have sent your submission to review, the Journal Editor you have chosen will receive the automated email you sent in the last stage, and they will come to their OJS dashboard where they will find the submission waiting in the Review stage to be acted upon:

Review Stage starting screen

In this stage, the editor will select reviewers for the stage.  Reviewers, as well as the editor, are able to download the submitted document with a click, add discussion questions, and add a revised version.  While this stage can go through many iterations, a good starting point is adding a new reviewer as an editor.

  1. To add a Reviewer, click on the Add Reviewer button highlighted in the image below

Main Review Stage Screen with "Add Reviewer" Highlighted

  1. Once you click on "Add Reviewer" a pop-up box will come up where you will be able to select one or multiple reviewers

Add a reviewer Pop-up Box with list of reviewers

  1. As you can see, since this is the test Journal, the only available reviewer is "Jimmy Test" who I have created for this example.  Some reviewers will not be available because of their ability to see who authored the submission in OJS.  Depending on the Review Type (Open, Blind, or Double-Blind), Journal Admins, in this case John, Luke, and Gabe, cannot be selected due to their ability to see the author. Once you have chosen the reviewer you would like, click "Select Reviewer."  After this, you will be prompted to fill in more information regarding the reviewer you have selected. 

  2. Similar to when you select a Journal Editor, when you chose your reviewer, OJS will draft a template email and will fill in the pertinent information regarding the name, dates, and specifics of your journal.

Send template email to reviewer

  1. After you check over the template, you will see the box where you can opt out of the email to the reviewer if there is a preferable way to contact them.  Continuing on, the Important Dates section will prompt you to set "Response Due Date," the date the reviewer must respond, yes or no, to participating the review and the "Review Due Date," simply when the reviewed article is due back.  If the Reviewer does not respond to the review notification by the Response Due Date, the system will treat that as the reviewer not agreeing to review the material.

Important Dates for Reviewer and Review Type Selection

  1. After you have selected the Review Type and Response and Review Dates, you can double check the files to be sent.  OJS will automatically add the submitted document under the "Files to be Reviewed" and if there is any other content to add as far as discussion questions or supplementary documents, this is an opportunity.  After checking the information, click "Add Reviewer" and the reviewer, in this case Jimmy Test, will receive an email and OJS notification that he has been asked to review a submission to your journal.

    Once you click Add Reviewer, you will see your new reviewer added to the Review home screen. You will see the status of your request as well - in Jimmy's case above, we can see that Jimmy has been Sent the Request.  

Review Stage Main Screen, Request Sent

Now that your review has been sent, the next steps for you as a journal manager or editor are going to take place after Jimmy has completed his review.  The next page will go through the review process from the Reviewer's Point of View. You may never see the exact same screens as a reviewer, but they are all quite similar, and this provides a comprehensive approach.


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