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Submission Workflow in OJS 3


How to Use This Guide - Other Helpful Tips

This guide will help work you through the four stages; Submission, Review, Copyediting, and Production of the OJS submission workflow.

Guide to this Guide: Table of Contents

This is a very comprehensive guide, so reading it all the way through might not be the most efficient way to use it!  I would very highly recommend using the guide while you go through your process, and as there are questions, consulting the different pages of the guide.

As you can see in the Table of Contents to the left, the guide is broken up into 4 main sections:

  • Stage 1 - Submission;
  • Stage 2 - Review
  • Stage 3 - Copyediting
  • Stage 4 - Production

All of the pages include comprehensive instructions and screenshots through the process, however, there are a bunch of "tips and tricks" and other general information that I thought would be helpful to pull out and place on the this page.  These include:

  • Tracking your progress through the workflow submission, and
  • Uploading files,
  • How to add a participant to a journal

Tracking your Progress - A Helpful Note!

In order to tell where in the process you are. there is a little Pink Line which tracks the progress of the pending submission.  Please see below:

Pink Bar Above Review with Review Stage Selected

In the example above, you can see the Review Stage highlighted with a Pink Line above.  This indicates that you are looking at the Review section, and the Pink Line tells you that the submission is in that stage.


In the example below, the Submission tab has been clicked on (you are looking at the Submission stage) but you can see that the Pink Line is still sitting under the Review stage - indicating that the submission is still in this stage, no matter what stage you happen to click on and view.

Pick Bar Above Review with Submissio Screen Highlighted


Uploading a File to OJS

At many different stages during the Submission process, you will be prompted to Upload a File.  Whatever stage you may be in, this process looks somewhat similar, please refer to the 3-step-process below for general instructions and help on uploading your files.


When you chose to Upload File, it will prompt a window to pop up, other than the header which makes clear this is a "Review File," below is a generic Upload screen, and the 3-stage process outlined below applies to every Upload you will perform in OJS.


Adding a Participant to your Journal

Whether it is a journal editor, reviewer, or copyeditor, the review process involves many different people.  Adding individuals to an OJS submission is a big part of passing through the review stages.  The steps below outline the general idea behind adding a participant - whether it is a jounral editor, someone who is reviewing an article, or a copyeditor - these steps will help in explaining how to collaborate using OJS's tools and functionalities.

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