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Submission Workflow in OJS 3


Stage 2 - Accepting or Declining a Review

This guide will help work you through the four stages; Submission, Review, Copyediting, and Production of the OJS submission workflow.

Entering the Copyedit Stage

Once a reviewer completes a review, you will see the review screen populated with the information provided from the reviewer.  PLEASE NOTE: This is indeed still the Review Screen as you can see in the example below.

Review Screen with Review Submitted

In the example provided, you can now see that the Review has been Submitted by Jimmy Test.  On the Review Stage page, you will notice that the dates (decision date and due date) are still presented, whereas now we can see the review has been submitted.

Additionally, our reviewer in this case has not added Revisions or Review Discussions, as those would also appear here were any created in the Submission or Review stage.

  1. Based on what the reviewer(s) suggest, you can either Accept or Decline the Submission, or send it back for another round of review.  Sending it back through review repeats the previous review process - for our purposes, we are going to move forward with the submission.  After all of the review is complete, click Accept Submission.  This will prompt an "Accept Submission" screen to appear.  

Accept Submission Email Template to author

As you can see, you have choices as to what your author sees.  If a reviewer's comments might be meant for Journal Editor eyes only.  You will also see a template email that indeed needs some editing - as you can see you will need to write-in your decision, whether it is to accept or decline the submission.  

Below is the Decline Submission - with the only main difference being that in the Decline Submission screen, the "Record Editorial Decision" button ends the process, whereas if a Submission is Accepted, the next step is simply selecting materials to Copyedit.

Decline Submission Email Template to Author


Assuming you do indeed accept the submission, the next part of the process is indeed selecting documents for copyediting.  In the Accept Submission Screen, click "Next: Select Files for Copyediting." At this point, another window will pop up, where you can select which Revisions are moving to the Copyedit Stage.  This will also be recorded as part of the Editorial Workflow.


Accept Submission File Upload




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