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Submission Workflow in OJS 3


Stage 1 - Submission

This guide will help work you through the four stages; Submission, Review, Copyediting, and Production of the OJS submission workflow.

Submission Received - Next Steps

When a submission is made to your journal, you will likely get an email notification and you will see a next Task added to your OJS dashboard.  After Logging into OJS, you will then see a new Submission in your queue.  Please forgive the multiple examples of the different randomly named test submissions in the sample below - but you can see that the Submission will be listed with the submitters' name, the title, the current stage, and a little icon detailing whether the author has comments regarding their submission.

OJS My Queue - Model Submission to be clicked on highlighted

  1. Click on the submission you are looking to advance to Review, and you will be taken to this specific Submission's workflow; starting off with the Submission stage.

Main Submission Screen

  1. Now you are looking at the Submission screen for the Model article.  From here, you can click on the text to download a copy, view comments from the author to the editor and importantly, assign an editor to oversee the editorial process for the rest of this submission.


  1. In the Red Circle to the right, you can assign a Journal Editor - this is what will trigger the next stage of the process.  Click on "Assign" and you will be able to choose from your list of editors.


Drop down list of potential Journal editors

  1. Select the proper editor and continuing scrolling - you will see an option to limit the editor to recommendation which you may choose if necessary.  Below that is a choice for a template email to send to your editor to notify them of their new responsibilities, the template automatically fills in the proper name and journal depending on what you are working on, so you don't need to worry about filling in the template info, but you can change any of the filler text you would like changed.

Send a template email to your editor

  1. Once you fill in all the information and click "OK" you will return to the main Submission screen, where now you will have the option to "Send to Review." Click on Send to Review.

Main Submission Screen with "Send to Review" Button highlighted

  1. After you click on Send to Review, you will have one final time to confirm the document you are sending through the editorial workflow to the next stage.

Send to Review Pop-up Window

  1. After you have reviewed the title one more time, click "Send to Review" in the bottom of the dialogue box.  This will bring you right to the next stage: Review.

  2. In the case of the example, Gabe Feldstein received notification of the submission and has been selected as the Jounral Editor for this submission - so I essentially have selected myself as the editor for the editorial process; this could be the case for your journal as well, but if you have selected an editor that is not yourself, the next screens represent what the path looks like for the selected editor.

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