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Submission Workflow in OJS 3


Stage 3 - Copyeditor Point of View

This guide will help work you through the four stages; Submission, Review, Copyediting, and Production of the OJS submission workflow.

Copyeditor Point of View

After following the link in the email, the copyeditor will be brought to their very own dashboard, where they will have a new task in their queue.

Jane will be able to click on the item and be brought to her very own copyediting screen:

From this point, our copyeditor is able to download the article as it exists.  Also, the email sent to the copyeditor has been saved as a discussion; but any discussions previously started can be seen by this copyeditor, and Jane can also start a discussion if she sees fit.

  1. To view the article, Jane will click on the Article Text which is listed under draft files.  In cases with multiple drafts or resources, it would be possible to have more than one document, so it is important to make sure the pertinent draft is selected.


  1. Once Jane selects their draft, it will download automatically as a word document. From here, Jane can make changes to the word doc using whatever method works best for your journal. 

  2. Eventually, once Jane has completed their copyedits, they can upload their new document in the Copyedited section, by clicking on "Upload/Select Document." After clicking "Upload/Select Document" a pop-up screen will appear.

  1. Select "Upload File" so that the revised copy can be added.  Consistent with the usual Upload process in OJS, this will open a three-step process of uploading the document.  See stage 1 below.

  1. Here you can upload you file, once you have made you uploads, click continue. This will bring you to stage 2, the Review Details screen.

  1. In the Review Details section, the copyeditor will have a chance to change the title of your document - a good chance to clean the metadata out of the title. Once you hit continue, you will be brought to the Confirm screen, which will give you a chance to add another file.

  1. Once Jane hits Complete, the file will be added in the Copyedited section of the screen, and the copyeditor will be able to view the Copyedited version in the main copyedit screen.


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