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Citing Book Chapters

Easy step-by-step Zotero guides from download to format citations for STM students.

Add/Edit book chapters to your Zotero collection

Note: If you need to see the screenshots in larger sizes, please click the screenshots. It will open up the magnified view.

E-Book chapter

  1. Find an e-book at BC Libraries Website (or any database or search engine you are using).
  2. Click “Find Online." Find Online
  3. In the popup window, click the e-Book link. For example, JSTOR is one of the academic e-book libraries. Click E book link.
  4. On the e-book website, find the chapter and go to the chapter you need.
  5. Click the Zotero Connector book section icon Book Section IconE-book book section icon
  6. Go to the Zotero App. and see if the book chapter is correctly saved as “Book Section” in the [Item Type] field and if all other fields are correctly saved.

Item Type Book Section is saved.

Physical Book chapter

You need to add the book chapter resource manually to your Zotero collection.

  1. Find a book from BC Libraries Website (or any database or search engine you are using). Physical Book from BC Libraries Search
  2. Click the Book Icon Book Icon  to save the book to your Zotero collection. If the saved information is not correct, please edit them manually. (For example, editors are saved as authors in this screenshot.)Item information saved to Zotero by using Zotero Connector
  3. Right-click the book that contains the book chapter you want to add in the Zotero application. It will show the drop-down menu. Drop-down menu
  4. Select "Create Book Section." You will see this newly created item accustomed to the item type "Book Section." Book Section Item is created.
  5. Modify the item information accustomed to the book section. It will be convenient to modify the information, because all the book information is preserved already and you will only need to add the title, the author, and other details of the book section here. Book Section information is saved
  6. Press the “Enter” key or click the next field to save the information you added or modified.
  7. Repeat #5 and #6 in each field that needs to update:  click the field > enter the new information > press the “Enter” key to save the updated information.