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Zotero Guide



Easy step-by-step Zotero guides from download to format citations for STM students.

What is Zotero?

Zotero is a free software tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and manage your resources.

You will need to prepare the following steps to utilize Zotero features.

  • Install the Zotero Application on your computer.
  • Install the Zotero Connector on your web browser.
  • Install the Zotero Microsoft Word Plugin.
  • Pin Zotero Extension on your web browser.
  • Create your Zotero user account.


Note: If you need to see the screenshots in larger sizes, please click the screenshots. It will open up the magnified view.

Install Zotero Application

1. Download and Install Zotero from the Zotero website Download page. 

2. Click <Download> under “Zotero 6 for Windows (or Mac if you use a Mac computer)”. 

Zotero Download Site


3. Double-click the downloaded .exe file (i.e., Zotero-6.0.30_setup.exe or the latest version) to install the application. 

4. Click <Next> on the Zotero Setup popup window.

Welcome to the Zotero Setup Wizard Next


5. Select a standard installation, click <Next>, click <Install>, and then click <Finish>.

Zotero Setup Type

Zotero Setup Summary about the installation location on your computer. Press Install.

Completing the Zotero Setup Wizard Finish

Install Zotero Connector

Now you need to Install Zotero Connector on your web browser from the same Zotero Download website

Here are the instructions for installing Zotero Connector on Chrome.

  1. Click <Install (name of your browser) Connector> under “Zotero Connector.” 
  2. Click <Add to (name of your browser)>.  Zotero Connector Add to Chrome
  3. You will see a popup window saying Add “Zotero Connector?” Click <Add Extension>.​​​​   Zotero Connector 2
  4. If you see the <Remove from Extension> button, this means the Zotero Connector is now installed on your Chrome browser.Zotero Connector 3

Install the Zotero Microsoft Word Plugin

When you generate citations using Zotero within a document, we recommend using Microsoft Word as your word processor, because web-based word processors (such as Google Docs) can have connectivity issues that will slow down the program.

If you installed Zotero successfully, the plugin for Microsoft Word is installed and you should see the "Zotero" tab within the ribbon at the top of the screen in Microsoft Word (see the screenshot below).   

Zotero Plugin Installed to Microsoft Word

You can check if the add-in is installed in your Microsoft Word by following these steps:

Open Zotero Application >> Click "Edit" from the menu bar. >> Select "Preferences". >> Click "Cite". >> Click the "Word Processors" Tab.  >> You will see the message "The Microsoft Word add-in is currently installed."

Zotero Word Processors Add-in

If you still run into any problems with the plug-in installation, please consult the word processor plugin troubleshooting guide on the Zotero website. 

Pin the Zotero Extension to Google Chrome

Question: "I'm using Chrome and I don't see the Zotero Icons on my browser. What is the problem?"


If you have installed the Zotero Connector in Google Chrome and do not see it as a button to the right of the address bar on your browser, you may need to pin it. Below are instructions for doing this:

  1. Click the extension icon Extensions Icon on the menu bar.  You will see the list of installed extensions on your browser.  
    Zotero Connector Extension OFF
  2. Click the pin icon Unpinned  and the pin will turn its color to blue Pinned . This means the Zotero Connector has been PINNED to your browser and you will see the Zotero Connector Icon next to the extension icon. 

Zotero Connector is unpinned. Zotero Connector Icon is not available.  >> Zotero Connector is pinned. The Zotero Connector now appears.


If you finish the above steps, create your Zotero account. Then you will be able to access your Zotero library online after logging in.

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