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Zotero Guide


Formatting Citation and Bibliography

Easy step-by-step Zotero guides from download to format citations for STM students.

Format your citations and bibliography in MS word using Zotero

 As you already installed the Zotero plugin in your MS Word, you will see “Zotero” as a tab in the menu bar.

NOTE: The Zotero application needs to be open before you add/edit your footnotes or bibliography in MS Word documents.  Zotero communicates with MS Word ONLY when the Zotero application that is installed on your computer is running.

Citation and bibliography styles can be different depending on the area of study. STM recommends using "Turabian 9th edition (full note)"/"Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full note)" for STM students.

Course instructors, however, may prefer a different citation/bibliography style. For example, biblical studies may use the "Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) 2nd edition (full note)" style. We recommend students ask their course instructors for further details before writing papers, theses, or dissertations.


Note: If you need to see the screenshots in larger sizes, please click the screenshots. It will open up the magnified view.



  1. Click “Zotero” from the menu.
  2. Click “Add/Edit Citation.” Add Citation from Zotero Plugin menu to your Microsoft Word document.
  3. If this is the first time you are using this add/edit citation feature in your document, Zotero may ask you your preference for the footnotes and bibliography style.Turabian 9th edition full note under Zotero add and edit citation menu in Microsoft Word.
  4. You may also set your citation style in the Zotero App. > Click “Edit” > Click “Preferences.” 
  5. Select “Turabian 9th edition (full note) and click “OK.” Select Citation Style Turabian 9th edition Full Note.
  6. Enter your source in the popup bubble. Then Zotero will look up the resource you already saved in your Zotero library. Type your resource in the footnote popup window.
  7. If you already used this feature, the popup bubble will show without showing the citation style preference option.
  8. Pick the one you referred to in your paper, add the page numbers, and click the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Zotero created a footnote with page numbers.
  9. Check the footnote at the bottom of the page. Footnote created at the bottom of the page.


Bibliography: Add

  1. Click “Zotero” from the menu in your Microsoft Word document.
  2. Click “Add/Edit Bibliography.” Add Bibliography using Zotero Plugin in your Microsoft Word document.
  3. If you already have footnotes added from Zotero, this will automatically add all your resources from the footnotes at the end of your document.


Bibliography: Edit

  1. The following steps will appear only if you already have footnotes in your document.
  2. Click “Zotero” from the Microsoft Word menu.
  3. Click “Add/Edit Bibliography.”
  4. You will see this popup window to edit your bibliography. Edit Bibliography
  5. In the popup window, click the resources you want to add to your bibliography by using the arrow
  6. Or click the resources you want to remove from your bibliography by using the arrow
  7. If you added all your resources to the right-side panel, click “OK.”
  8. Your bibliography will be updated and you should have the items you added.
  9. If you removed some of the resources from the right-side panel, click “OK.”
  10. Your bibliography will be updated and you should not have the items you removed.