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Zotero Guide


How to attach a file to an item stored in your Zotero library

Easy step-by-step Zotero guides from download to format citations for STM students.

Note: If you need to see the screenshots in larger sizes, please click the screenshots. It will open up the magnified view.

Attach Stored Copy of File

If you downloaded a PDF file to your computer or to the Zotero cloud storage, you can attach the file to the item in your Zotero Library.

  1. Click the item where you want to add the attachment. > The item is highlighted.
  2. Right-click the item. > Available menu will be displayed. 
  3. Select "Add Attachment." > There will be 3 options to choose from.
  4. Select "Attach Stored Copy of File." > You choose the file from where you saved it.

Attach Stored Copy of File

You will see the PDF file icon  PDF file icon at the end of the record.

Zotero Item with PDF file Attachment