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CHEM3322: Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry


3. Plan Your Search

Search topic: chelation by amine ligands [then focus on kinetics if the initial results are overwhelming]

Search Terms

Mind maps or concept maps can help when you start planning a search. Think about the different components of your topic, and the words or phrases used to express them.

Mind map: central brain-shaped thought bubble connected to smaller clouds of different colors. Some clouds connect to smaller, more peripheral clouds.
"mindmap-map-mind-process-strategy-4324289" by Biljana Jovanovic is licensed by Pixabay

For an overview of your topic, read background information in resources like dictionaries, encyclopedias, review articles, and treatises.

Connect Search Terms

After you generate a list of potential search terms, decide how to connect the terms to each other. You can use a worksheet (.xlsx) to organize your search strategy.

Spreadsheet modified to be a search planning grid. Related search terms for a search component, within each column, connected by 'OR'. Individual component columns connected by 'AND'.

Assignment Requirements

Check your assignment instructions for requirements unrelated to the topic of your search.

  • Language (usually English is expected)
  • Document type or type of literature (usually peer-reviewed original research is expected)
  • Others?

When in doubt, check with your instructor.

Access Databases

Contact Nancy Curtis, the Chemistry and Physics librarian, if you have questions about creating a SciFindern account.