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SciFinder and SciFinder-N


SciFinder and SciFinder-N

SciFinder and SciFinder-N

Boston College users now have access to both SciFinder (Web) and SciFinder-N, the next-generation of SciFinder.  Both versions will be available for the foreseeable future.  
  • First time users:  Register for either product here (current users:  use existing username and password to login to SciFinder-N)
  • SciFinder Web Sign In
  • SciFinder-N  Sign In 
Get Help

Get Help with SciFinder Web 

Get Help with SciFinder-N

Email Enid Karr ( Chemistry Librarian, with any questions.

Please note:  Neither SciFinder Web nor SciFinder-N may be used  for patentability research or for commercial research that is performed under a funding or consultant contract with the intention of delivering results to a for-profit organization.