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CHEM3322: Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry


9. Present Your Work

Need Access to PowerPoint?

You can create posters by using (and modifying) the PowerPoint templates on this page, templates in the linked guides, or other free online poster templates. Adjust the dimensions of templates and content items to match your assigned poster size.

Download PowerPoint software from the link below if it isn't already installed on your computer.

Design Your Poster

Branding and Templates

Most universities expect conference presentations to include or use elements from a "branding" or style guide. Branding creates a recognizable visual identity and it can help your audience find your poster at a large conference.

Using BC and BC Chemistry Logos

Because classroom presentations are not formal BC communications, do not use the BC seal, BC logo, or BC Chemistry logo for your CHEM3322 projects.

On posters, sans serif fonts are easier to read. Readily available sans serif fonts compatible with BC branding include Open Sans and Arial. Open Sans occupies more space, so Arial is usually the better choice.

Print a Poster

Save money on printing a poster for the class presentation. Use your PrintBucks and a BC printer.

  1. Save your PowerPoint poster as a PDF file
  2. Print the PDF by "tiling" it across multiple sheets of standard paper (see link below)
  3. Cut or fold overlaps as needed
  4.  Assemble the poster with tape

Color printing will consume considerably more of your PrintBucks. Send your print job to a monochrome (black and white) printer unless color is an essential component of your poster. If you have added a colored accent box, check the print preview to see if text in the box is still legible against the grayscale background.

Promote Accessibility