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Remote Access to Library Resources


Off-Campus Access

Off-Campus access

There are two ways to access library databases from off-campus. 

  • Connect through the library website to resources that have the BC proxy ( in the URL.


  • Eagle VPN - connect to VPN and then link to library resources as if you are on-campus.

Use the library search box to see if we subscribe to a resource. 


Proxy Bookmark

This bookmark, when clicked in the bookmarks bar, catches the URL, prepends the BC Libraries proxy to it, and then reloads the page.

Login via BC 

Drag this link to your bookmarks bar

For Internet Explorer right-click and select "Add to favorites..."

URL Proxy prefix creator

Enter a library database URL in the box, and the proxy prefix will be added to the URL.  e.g. (The database must be a subscription and configured in our proxy server in order to work; free resources are usually not included).

The new URL will display above the box. Copy & Paste or click it to open in a new window.


BC Login

You must be a currently enrolled student, faculty, or staff member to login from off-campus. 

BC Alumni access

A select list of databases available off-campus to alumni can be found on the Services for Alumni & Guests page.

Many databases are available to alumni and guest within the library.