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CHEM3322: Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry


3. Search Literature

Search "References" in SciFinder-n

Search topic: chelation by amine ligands [focus on kinetics if the results are overwhelming]

Start with a natural language References search.

SciFinder-n opening screen with References button filled in purple. Search box contains phrase 'chelation by amine ligands'

Modify Your SciFinder-n References Search

Add Terms to a SciFindern References Search

Boolean Operators in a SciFindern References Search
For more results, connect related terms with OR Two solid purple circles overlap. Darker purple overlap labeled 'OR'. (chelation OR sequestration) by amine ligands
For fewer results, connect terms or add another term with AND Partial overlap of 2 unfilled gray circles is shaded purple and labeled 'AND'.

chelation AND amine ligands

chelation AND amine ligands AND kinetic

Tip: The SciFindern search algorithm adds some alternative spellings, plurals, grammatical variants, and synonyms to your search terms.

Search Within Results
You can also add another term using the "Search Within Results" box. This returns fewer results than an "AND" search. 'Search Within Results' box, opened at bottom of SciFinder-n filters column for a references search


SciFinder adds "Concepts" from a standardized vocabulary to describe article content. The Concept filter displays them by frequency. Click "View All" to see more Concepts.

Expand the Concept Filter
Concept filter lists 5 descriptors and number of search results in parentheses, in descending order of frequency. 3-column Top Count Concepts display. Descriptors, followed by number of search results in parentheses, listed in descending order of frequency. 'Kinetics' in second column, circled in red.

Select Concepts from an alphanumeric list, or search the full list to find all Concepts containing a particular word.

Search Inside the Concept Filter
3-column Alphanumeric display of Concepts, each followed by number of search results in parentheses. Letter 'K' selected on top index row. Searcher scrolled to bottom of display. Group of 6 descriptors in second column circled in red: Kinetic analysis, Kinetic and thermodynamic compensation effects, Kinetic energy, Kinetic resolution, Kinetics, Kinetic theory. 'Kinetics' has the most results, 181. 3-column Search display of Concepts, each followed by number of search results in parentheses. Top Concept Name search bar contains word 'kinetic'. Select All on Page checkbox underneath search bar. Numeric index at bottom shows 2 pages of results. Alphabetically arranged columns visible on first page cover 'Abstraction reaction kinetics' through 'Aminoalkylation kinetics', 'Deaquation kinetics' through 'Dehydrobromination kinetics' and 'Hydrogenation kinetics' through 'Insertion reaction kinetics'.

Tip: Sometimes Concepts are added days or weeks later by SciFindern employees. Consequently, using the Concept filter may eliminate some relevant search results.