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International Studies


Find Journal Articles, Reports & Working Papers

This guide showcases recommended resources for research, teaching and learning in International Studies.

Core Journal Article Databases

Reports, Working Papers, & Policy

What are Scholarly Journal Articles?

  • Scholarly journal articles are written by expert scholars on a specific aspect of their field of study
  • The articles contain original research and analysis which contributes to knowledge in the field
  • Authors rely on evidence and the findings of other scholars to create the arguments and conclusions in their articles; many reference are cited by the author(s)
  • The articles are published in scholarly journals produced by university presses and academic publishers
  • Most articles undergo a peer-review process, where scholars assess the value, credibility and quality of the author's work to determine if it meets established standards for publication

Working papers

Why use working papers for research? line drawing of a report

  • Working papers allow scholars and analysts to share and discuss new ideas and arguments with their peers
  • Scholars may produce a working paper as a precursor to publishing a scholarly journal article 

Note: Working papers do not undergo the traditional publication process of a scholarly journal.  

Other Important Databases