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Course support & reserves

Information about the collections, services and tools available from the Boston College Libraries to support faculty teaching online courses.

How to obtain material for your course

We will work with you to find online accessible material for your course.  We can then add links that display in Canvas under the Library Resources and Course Reserve tab. 

  • Contact your Subject Librarian to review the best options for finding and linking to material for online courses. 
  • Not sure who to contact?  Ask Us
Types of library material Tips on how to make these available to your students in your online course
Books or book chapters in print

If we own the book in print, ask if it is available as an ebook. We may be able to purchase the ebook either for unlimited users or several copies so that more than one student can use the ebook at the same time. If you only need one or two chapters from a book, we can scan up to 20% of the book. 

eBooks If the catalog says "Limited to one user at a time" and you think this will be a problem for a required reading, ask your Subject Librarian if we can upgrade the ebook to more copies or unlimited use.
Articles in print If you find an article that we only have in print, have the article scanned as a pdf. Use Interlibrary Loan to request articles or book chapters be scanned.
Articles online When linking to an article in an online database or journal, look for the stable URL or permalink so it can be accessed off-campus.  See how - Linking to Articles from Databases.
DVDs If you only need a clip of a film, we may be able to digitize a small clip from the DVD.  To use the entire film, we may be able to acquire streaming rights for the full film.
Streaming media Some streaming media is licensed for a limited time, usually one year; Ask us to make sure the license will cover use in your class.  We can digitize some media materials for placement in Canvas courses.
Not found at BC 

Suggest a Purchase - indicate that you want an ebook, and let us know what Course, and we will try to buy it.

Use Interlibrary Loan to request articles or book chapters from another library. We will send you pdf copies.

How to put items in Canvas' Library Resources and Course Reserve tab

Library Reserves request form

We will scan and provide online access to journal articles, book chapters, lecture notes, and sample exams that comply with fair use guidelines. In general, we limit the amount of scanning to two chapters from a book or one article from a journal. Submit a list of readings or a syllabus to to us as soon as possible before the start of each semester.

Submit your requests for online material using the Library Reserves request form. Course readings will appear in Canvas under the library tab. 

Subject Librarians

Subject librarians can help you find material for your course, including affordable course material and open textbooks. We can create course specific guides, teach online library instruction to your students, and help you navigate the vast number of resources and services available through the library.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

open access logoSubject Librarians are available to advise faculty on ways to lower the cost of class materials. We can provide assistance in finding high quality resources that meet faculty pedagogical goals without adding to student expenses. For more information on Open Access (OA) and Open Educational Resources (OER) see Open Access and Scholarly Publishing.