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Library and Canvas Integration


Add a Librarian to your course

Add a Librarian to Your Canvas Course

You can add a librarian to your course to assist in integrating library resources and connecting with students for research assignments. Follow the instructions below, or contact your Subject Librarian or the refer to the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Canvas Help pages for assistance.

Add a librarian through the People tab in the left hand navigation bar.

  • From your course, select People
  • Click on the blue "Add People" button
  • From there, enter the email address of the person you would like to invite to the course. Please note that you must add the person's email address in the following format: ""
  • Select "Librarian" from the "Role" drop-down menu.
  • Canvas will validate that the person is in the system and ready to be added to your course. Select "Add Users"
  • You will receive confirmation that the person has been enrolled to the course. You can then add additional people by selecting "Add more users" or finish by selecting "Done"

Please note: a librarian added to your course has limited access to edit items in your course, and they do not have access to grades or other sensitive information. Librarians consult with the instructor before adding material or links.

What is the role of the Librarian in Canvas?

Adding a librarian to your Canvas course is something like inviting him/her to drop in on your classroom from time to time. Librarians can:

  • Participate in your classroom as a guest speaker in person or online during your class.
  • Embed research guides (or portions of research guides) specifically created for your course.
  • Upload helpful research tips/tutorials.
  • Add a workshop to your course calendar (e.g., a citation management workshop specifically designed for your students).
  • Provide relevant and helpful tips on how to efficiently find, evaluate and synthesize information.
  • Provide useful searching tips and appropriate research tools for an assignment or paper.
  • If desired, collaborate with students on group assignments.
  • Participate in a discussion board.

See examples of Canvas-Library Integrations.

Library Instruction

The Libraries Instruction Program supports academics, scholarship, and lifelong learning. Library instructors teach in-person and online how to think about information in a global environment and impart lasting skills for making sound, reasoned judgments in the search for and use of information.

O'Neill Interactive Learning Room

O'Neill Interactive Learning Room

Committed to providing instruction that respects all learners and diverse learning styles, instructional librarians partner with faculty and collaborate with others on campus to offer expertise in the use of information and to contribute to University scholarship. Contact a subject librarian to discuss specific course needs.