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Library and Canvas Integration


Add a Librarian to your course

Add a Librarian to your Canvas Course

You can add a librarian to your Canvas course to assist with library resources and connecting with students for research assignments. You and the supporting librarian decide on the goals and parameters of the librarian’s participation on Canvas.  

Note: A librarian added to your course has limited access to edit items in your course, and they do not have access to grades or other sensitive information. Librarians consult with the instructor before adding material or links.


  1. Start in the left hand navigation bar.
  2. Select “People.”
  3. Select "Add People."
  4. Enter their email address in this format: BC (example: smithj instead of jane.smith). 
  5. Select "Librarian" as the "Role.”
  6. Select "Add Users."

What is the role of the Librarian in Canvas?

Depending on your needs, the librarian can: 

  • See your course materials, assignments, and due dates to best support your students in consults or when preparing for a class visit.
  • Link to research guides, tutorials, and videos to support students in their research skills. 
  • Suggest “best bet” information sources for a paper or project. 
  • Provide tips on how to effectively find, evaluate and synthesize information.
  • Participate in discussion boards.

Library Instruction

In addition to supporting your Canvas courses, the instruction program supports academics, scholarship, and lifelong learning. We offer instruction on library and research skills at all levels and for all course modalities, including online courses. Contact a subject librarian to discuss specific course needs.