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A guide for instructors and other staff on how to set up course resource lists in Canvas.

Course Resources is a tool to create and organize lists of course materials and share them with students. It allows instructors to easily find resources, create lists, share these lists with students, and communicate with library staff. Once you send your list to the library, we will review it and gather items we do not already have in our collection. As items are reviewed and processed, they will be visible to your students in Canvas.

How to access Course Resources

From Canvas, choose your course

then, click the Course Resources tab on the left navigation bar


Note: the Library resources and course reserves tab will be removed at the end of Summer '22 courses.




or access Course Resources directly at


If you had a library resource list from the past, it should appear in Course Resources under the LIST menu. Lists are rolled over from year to year. If the course, section, and term remain the same, then you should see your old list. If you do not, you can associate an old list with your current course.  Use the top menu and choose: Manage course association.  

​screenshot showing course association link​

In order for your list to be processed by the library, the list must be sent to the library. Click SEND TO LIBRARY, after which the link will read LIST SENT.  In order for the list to be visible to students in Canvas, we will change the status from DRAFT to PUBLISHED

Create a new List

  1. Log into Canvas, pick your course, and click on Course Resources in the left-navigation or go directly to the Course Resources tool.
  2. Choose + NEW LIST
  3. In the Title field, add the name of your course. Use the same name that appears in Canvas.
  4. Select a template - Default (blank) or Weekly. Templates provide an organizational structure for your list and can be edited. 
  5. If you did not enter through Canvas or are not teaching the course for the upcoming semester, you will be asked to associate your list to a course. You can do that now or later.
  6. You can then add a NEW SECTION and ADD ITEMS. Use Library Search to find items in the library collections or use the Cite It! bookmark to import citations from websites. You can also Create Your Own item or Upload a file. 

Fall 2022 Semester Lists

For the Fall 2022 semester, please note:

  • If your reading list has rolled over from a past semester, make any changes and be sure to click the SEND TO LIBRARY button.
  • If you are not using a past reading list, we will accept your new list as a document and the library will process it for you.

To send us your Fall resource list:

  1. Log into your Canvas course site. Select the Course Resources tab from the left navigation bar. 
  2. Add the title of your course, click CREATE
  3. Choose the Default template
  4. Click ADD ITEM
  5. Use Upload a File to add a file (PDF, Word, Docs) that contains your resource list 

screenshot of upload file

6. Add a Title, for example ECON1011 RESOURCE LIST and a Type, choose Other

7. Click ADD & CLOSE


Your list will be prepared by the library and you will be notified when the list is available.

Add collaborators

Collaborators can help manage or edit your list. If you would like to add a TA, Designer, or Librarian to your list, select the arrow to expand the Collaborators tab. Enter a name or full BC email address ( If you do not find a name, you can add the person to your Canvas course as a TA or Designer. Once in Canvas, the person can go to Course Resources and they will appear on the list of collaborators to invite.

screenshot of collaborators screen

To change a person's role from a Collaborator (Can edit list) to an Owner (Can manage list), select Manage collaborators.

Select the button for the collaborator whose permissions you wish to change and select Allow collaborator to manage list to make that person a list Owner. Select the remove name from list button ("x" icon) to delete a Collaborator.