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Linking to Articles from Databases

Linking to Articles from Databases

When linking to an article record in a database, it might be tempting just to grab the url from the browser's url window. Don't!* That link is often date and time stamped, and won't work tomorrow.

screenshot showing url locations in database results

Most databases accessible through BC Libraries provide persistent links within record results. Of course, they are labeled differently by different vendors, and some can be challenging to find:

  • Stable URL
  • Permalink - EbscoHost databases
  • Share - Gale/Cengage & ProQuest databases

Most of the above examples provide a link that will bring you back to the record page of the database. 

  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier) - Available in most science databases, such as Web of Science and PubMed

DOI's provide a special case. Keep in mind about DOI's:

  • DOI links do not lead back to the database record: they tend to resolve to the publisher's article record page; if BC does not subscribe to that journal and the article is not Open Access (OA), you will need to find another way to access the material.
  • Sometimes, as in Web of Science, only the DOI itself is listed, and sometimes, as in the example from Academic OneFile above, the DOI is already embedded in a url.

Linking to Databases

The simplest way to get dependable url's for databases is through Research Guides.

Screen shot showing how to right click a link

Just right-click the link (on a Mac, click + ctrl key) and select "Copy link address." Paste the url wherever you need it.


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