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Health Statistics

Essential resources to begin your research in Nursing are included in this Research Guide.

Health Statistics Resources

Besides the online statistical indexes available through the Government Documents Department, there are important printed statistical sources such as the following. For more sources, see the Health Statistics Research Guide.

Vital and Health Statistics of the United States (O'Neill Reference. RA 407.3 .A346)
Comprises 18 series which serve as the primary source of health statistics; published by the National Center for Health Statistics.

World Health Statistics (O'Neill Reference. RA 651 .W65)
Published by the World Health Organization, this is an annual compilation of international health statistics.

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (O'Neill RA 407.3 .A37)
Weekly summary report of various reportable illnesses and diseases in the United States. Also available online.

Annual Report of Vital Statistics of Massachusetts (O'Neill Reference. HA 437 .M3)
Published by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, this annual registry provides vital statistics including births and deaths.

Health United States (O'Neill Reference. RA 407.3 .U57a)
Annual publication of the Center for Disease Control, "Each issue emphasizes a different health-related topic, sometimes in a distinctive subtitle (e.g. 1998 issue: Health, United States : with socioeconomic status and health chartbook)." Refer also to National Center for Health Statistics

Hospital Statistics (O'Neill Reference. RA 981 .A2A6234)
Published by the American Hospital Association, it includes hospital utilization statistics, personnel, types of facilities, and historical trends from 1946-2000.

Other Resources at BC


OECD.Stat Extract is an interface through which you can search with Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Library. Here you can browse statistics by country or theme or search for keywords. One of the themes is Health; under this section you can see tables with statistics including measures of

  • health expenditures
  • health care resources
  • health care activities
  • health status (mortality)
  • chronic conditions (non-communicable diseases)
  • risk factors.

Data on the thirty countries that belong to OECD are included, however not all measures are available for all countries.