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Essential resources to begin your research in Nursing are included in this Research Guide.

Searching in Bioethics

BIOETHICSLINE was a bibliographic database that existed to index the bioethics literature from 1973 until 2000, hosted by the National Library of Medicine. In 2000, the records indexed in this database were integrated into other NLM products; PubMed now includes the journal and newspaper articles as well as court decisions, while LocatorPlus includes books, book chapters, legislative bills, and unpublished documents. This page from Georgetown University provides more details and instructions on how to search for bioethics information in these NLM databases.


This is a catalog of the NLM holdings, so if you find a book you are interested in, you can go to the record and click on "Find Other Libraries That Own This", which will search WorldCat so you can see what libraries near you own the book.


In PubMed you can restrict your searches to a subset of journals that are important for bioethics.

If you are searching MEDLINE through the Ovid interface, you can also limit the search to bioethics journals, just check the box next to "Subset Bioethics".

PubMed Bioethics limit

Bioethics Resources

The O'Neill Library has an extensive collection of monographs, journals, and reference sources on bioethics, including:

Bibliography of Bioethics O'Neill Index Row 9 Z 6675 .E8 B53
From 1975 to the present includes literature on the ethics of health care, reproduction, genetics, mental health, human experimentation, organ transplants, patient's rights, and death and dying.

New Titles in Bioethics O'Neill Index Row 9 R 724 .N48
Bibliography from the National Center for Bioethics Literature is published quarterly.

Encyclopedia of Bioethics O'Neill Reference. QH 332 .E52 1995
Five volume encyclopedia provides comprehensive treatment on a wide range of topics on bioethics.