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American Studies


Getting Started

The primary goal of this guide is to help identify resources for studying various areas of American Studies.

Contents of this Guide

As the interdisciplinary American Studies program embraces such a broad range of potential subjects and disciplines, including English, History, Art History, Psychology, and Communications, it is impossible for a single guide to cover all pertinent areas. However, it is hoped that this guide will help students get started in researching various areas of American Studies.

Finding Books in BC Libraries

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Finding Articles

Databases, both discipline specific and multidisciplinary, that one may use in order to locate journal and magazine articles pertaining to aspects of American Studies are far too numerous to be listed here.

To locate articles it is recommended that students examine the databases listed in some of the other pages of this guide, e.g. American Art, American History, American Literature and so on. One should also carefully consult the Library's Databases page.