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New Testament


Interpretation History

A research guide intended to assist students and researchers navigate key resources and tools for research and paper-writing.

The resources below are helpful to students studying the history of interpretation of the New Testament and reflection on its meaning.

History of Interpretation Resources

  • Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture [Online]
    • The ACCS is an excellent series that assembles early Church commentary on the Bible, translates it into English, and organizes the commentary by chapter and verse.  This makes for an accessible and easy-to-use resource for students wanting to incorporate the interpretations and commentary of the early Church Fathers into their research.  

Using the Encyclopedia of Biblical Reception

As its name implies, The Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (EBR) is an encyclopedia of entries pertaining to important biblical topics, people, and places arranged in alphabetical order. This can be useful for gaining further insight into particular topics that may come up during exegesis.  Currently, the EBR is still being written with volumes 1-17 (out of 30) available online.