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New Testament



A research guide intended to assist students and researchers navigate key resources and tools for research and paper-writing.

Biblical commentaries are an invaluable source of information for students writing papers.  These volumes offer extremely detailed and close readings of the biblical text, examining issues pertaining to genre, purpose, etymology, historical context, and much more.  Single volume biblical commentaries usually offer a more broad treatment of major topics throughout the books of the Bible.  Commentary series are a series of books that usually publish an entire volume on each book of the Bible, allowing for a more detailed line-by-line analysis of the text.  

Single Volume Commentaries

Commentary Series

The links below (excluding the New Interpreter's Bible and the Oxford Bible Commentary) will link to a structured search in BC's catalog that will bring up every book from that commentary series.  To find the specific book of the Bible that your passage of interest is from, simply type the book name into the second field (as highlighted by the red box below) and click "Search."  Keep in mind that several of these commentary series are still being published, so the book you are looking for may not have been written yet!

Image highlighting the second search bar in a BC catalog search