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Here is the latest issue of the English Department Library Newsletter.

Three Recently Acquired Databases

Image result for Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online
Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online
This Online Edition presents a fully searchable version of the Print Edition, including all the original introductions, collations, and commentary. It also complements, develops, and extends the Print Edition with a large and flexible array of textual and contextual materials. The textual components consist of hundreds of digital images and dozens of searchable old-spelling transcriptions of the early printed versions of Jonson’s texts and some of the major manuscripts. Presented in an array that allows both for individual viewing and for on-screen comparison, these images and old-spelling texts can be e
xplored independently or in close conjunction with the modern-spelling version using the text comparison tool.

Punch Historical Archive, 1841-1992
From 1841 to 1992 Punch was, arguably, the world’s most celebrated magazine of humor and satire. The database is composed of about 7,900 issues (200,000 pages) from all volumes of Punch between 1841–1992. It includes almanacks and other special numbers, as well as prefaces, epilogues, indexes and other specially produced material from the bound volumes. Images originally published in full color appear in full color in the archive.

The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) represents the full panoply of American regional vocabulary.

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