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Irish Women and Gender Studies (Irish Studies)


Women's Writing (Lit)

This guide points researchers to material that is valuable for research into Irish Women Writers.

Background Information

To find information on people, events, and concepts, take a look at:

  • Dictionaries for definitions
  • Biographies for information on who people are
  • Bibliographies for finding scholarship or lists of writer's work
  • Encyclopedia for short background explanations
  • Handbooks and Companions for chapter and/or book length discussions

Irish Women's Writing: Unearthing Hidden Treasures

This guide highlights resources in the Boston College Libraries that are of value to anyone conducting research on Irish women writers, especially those women who wrote during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The guide also points to sources outside of Boston College.

Boston College Libraries own many titles by and about Irish women writers from the time period mentioned above.  To retrieve the titles, go to Advanced Search in catalog, change "Anywhere in record" to "Local Collection," and search for "Irish Women Writers, Nineteenth, Early Twentieth Century".

A Few Authors to Consider

Links go to the BC catalog with access points for electronic and print copies:

Digital Collections

Critical Editions/Surveys

Literary Anthology