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OJS Quick Submission Plug In


Finding the QuickSubmit Plugin

This guide will show you how to use the "Quick Submission" Plug-in available in OJS.

Finding the QuickSubmit Plugin on OJS

  1. Navigate to your journal's dashboard, as shown below, hover over "Settings" and then select "Website" from the tab that opens up.

OJS Submissions Home Screen

  1. Now you are looking at the Website Settings page of your journal, from here you will need to click on "Plugins" along the top row.

OJS Website Settings Screen with Plugins Selected

  1. Once you have reached the Plugins screen, QuickSubmit can be found in the Import/Export Plugins section as seen below. 

    Please note - there are a LOT of plugins on this page, the QuickSubmit link is about three quarters (3/4) of the way toward the bottom.  We would recommend using the Find tool (Ctrl+F) and then typing in "Quick" as I have done in the example below:

Selecting the QuickSubmit Plugin option

  1. Once you have found the plugin, click on the blue little drop-down arrow and then select the link for Import/Export Data.

Import and export Quick Submit Plug in data


Once you select Import/Export Data, you will be taken to the QuickSubmit Plugin and can begin the process for uploading your article.


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