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OJS Quick Submission Plug In


Completing QuickSubmit

This guide will show you how to use the "Quick Submission" Plug-in available in OJS.

Schedule for Publishing

  • Now that you have your Galley added and our Contributor added, you are almost done with the QuickSubmit tool.

Please Note: First you will see an option to chose between "Published" and "Unpublished" - always select Published.  

  • This does NOT mean that your new submission will be published immediately, for your next option you will select which ISSUE of the journal in which you would like the content to appear. In the next dropdown, you will be able to choose an Issue for your "Published" article to appear in.
  • You can choose between a Future Issue (not yet published) and a Back Issue (already published)
    • Selecting Future Issue will have the content Publish with the rest of the content in that issue of the journal
    • Selecting Back Issue will place the content in an already published issue and it will be available immediately to the public.

Selecting an Issue for Publication

  • In the Pages field, (optional) enter the page numbers that your submission will take in the Issue where it will appear.

Once you have entered your page numbers, a publication date, and an Issue for your submission, click "Save."  This will bring you back to the normal entry Submission Workflow, where you will see your submission in the production stage - ready for Publication in your Journal.


 At the end of the process you will see a Success screen where you can return to the beginning of the QuickSubmit Plugin to send your next quick-submission, you you can click on "Go to Submission."

Success Screen


Clicking "Go to Submission" will take you back to the main Submission workflow, but now your submission is already in the Production stage.


Submission Production Screen

If you have questions about the Production stage in the Editorial Workflow please visit the guide on the standard Editorial Workflow. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with Gabriel Feldstein - Digital Publishing and Outreach Specialist!


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