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Irish Literature and Language (Irish Studies)


Bibliographies of Irish Literature

A multi-page research guide to Irish literature resources in the Boston College libraries

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    Online Bibliographies

    Bibliographies of Irish Literature

    Brown, Stephen J.M. Ireland in Fiction: A Guide to Irish Novels, Tales, Romances and Folklore. Shannon: Irish University Press, 1969. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2039.F4 B8 1969; Burns Library: Z2039.F4 B8 1969 IRISH) A reprint of the 1919 edition of Brown's 1910 work.  This edition lists over 1700 books alphabetically by author. 

    Clyde, Tom. Irish Literary Magazines: an Outline History and Descriptive Bibliography. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2003. (O'Neill Library Reference: PR8711.C58 2003; Burns Library: PR8711.C58 2003 REF). 

    Doloughan, Phyllis. Ulster Poetry: A Checklist of Published Collections, 1960-1980. Belfast: Queen's University, Dept. of Library and Information Studies, c1993. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2039.P6 D65 1983; Burns Library: Z2039.P6D65 1983 IRISH) List of poets born and raised in Ulster or Northern Ireland or who have spent their formative or most productive years there.  For inclusion, poets must have been writing since 1960 and had at least two published collections in the years 1960-1980. 

    Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing. Lawrence Hill, Derry, Northern Ireland: Field Day Publications; New York, N.Y.: Distributed by W.W. Norton, 1991. (O'Neill Library: PB1345.F53x 1991; Burns Library: PB1345.F53 1991 REF) The overall theme is the cultural struggle against colonization.  Defines literature broadly to include speeches and songs, in addition to more familiar content. 

    Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing: Irish women's writing and traditions. Cork, Ireland: Cork University Press in association with Field Day; [New York]: New York University Press, 2002. (O'Neill Library: Reserve PB1421 .F54 2002; Burns Library: PB1345 .F53 2002 IRISH; PB1345 .F53 2002 REF) Published as vols. 4-5 of the Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing, these volumes aim 'to bring together a substantial body of written documents produced by and about women since writing began in Ireland.' (IV: xxxii).

    Finneran, Richard J. Anglo-Irish Literature: A Review of Research. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1976. (O'Neill Library: Reference PR8712.A5; Burns Library: PR8712.A5 1976 IRISH) Preface states: Essays on writers of Anglo-Irish background whose careers have been completed and who have been the subject of a substantial body of published research.  Coverage of important work complete through 1974.

    Finneran, Richard J. Recent Research on Anglo-Irish Writers. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1983. (O'Neill Library: Reference PR8712.A5 1983) A supplement to above.  Coverage of important work through 1980.

    Harmon, Maurice. Modern Irish Literature, 1800-1967: A Readers Guide. Dublin: Dolmen Press, 1967. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2037.H3 1967b; Burns Library: Z2037.H3 DOLMEN PRESS; Newton Storage: Z2037.H3) Arranged chronologically (1800-1890, 1890-1920, 1920-present), and includes a bibliography on Irish history and culture with a primary focus on nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 

    Harmon, Maurice. Select Bibliography for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature and Its Backgrounds: An Irish Studies Handbook. Dublin: Wolfhound Press, 1977. (O'Neill Library: Reference PR8711.H3x; Burns Library: Z2037.H32 1977 REF & Z2037.H32 1977 IRISH) Provides a list of 'the essential reference sources, the primary research materials and a bibliography of adequate background reading' to study Anglo-Irish literature completely.  First presents general background materials, then background of Irish literature, then the literature itself.

    Howard-Hill, T.H. Bibliography of British Literary Bibliographies. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1969. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2011.A1H68 Vol. 1) 'Intended to cover books, substantial parts of books, and periodical articles published between 1890 and 1969 on the bibliographical and textual examination of English manuscripts, books, printing and publishing, and any other book published in English in Great Britain, or by British authors abroad.' 

    Kersnowski, Frank L. A Bibliography of Modern Irish and Anglo-Irish Literature. San Antonio: Trinity University Press, 1976. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2037.K47; Burns Library: Z2037.K47 REF & Z2037.K47 IRISH) Presents Irish writers from 1880 to the present who belonged to or were influenced by the Irish Literary Renaissance. Included writers feature significantly in anthologies, are creative rather than scholarly writers, and write primarily in English.  Works are listed alphabetically by author.

    MacDonagh, Thomas. Literature in Ireland: Studies in Irish and Anglo-Irish. Nenagh, Co. Tipperary: Relagh Books, 1996. (O'Neill Library: PR8711.M3 1996; Burns Library: PR8711.M3 1996 IRISH) Excludes eighteenth century Anglo-Irish writers, like Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith, because their orientation was English rather than Irish. Aims 'to show the value of the old [Gaelic] literature, the prospects of the new.' 

    McKenna, Brian. Irish Literature, 1800-1875: A Guide to Information Sources. Detroit: Gale, 1978. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2037.M235; Burns Library: Z3047.M235 REF) A bibliography of sources for Irish literature in English 1880-1875; authors chosen have been influential in Irish writing, or have 'attracted critical attention.' 

    Mikhail, E.H. An Annotated Bibliography of Modern Anglo-Irish Drama. Troy, N.Y.: Whitston, 1981. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2039.D7 M5x) A 'general criticism on Anglo-Irish drama' 1899-1977.  Entries are annotated.  Book is divided by the type of work (bibliographies, reference works, books, articles, dissertations, collections).  Also includes an index of names and a subject index.

    Mikhail, E.H. A Bibliography of Modern Irish Drama, 1899-1970. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1972. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2039.D7 M53; Burns Library: Z2039.D7 M53 1972 IRISH) The first general bibliography of modern Irish drama 1899-1970.  Entries are annotated, and grouped by type (bibliographies, books, periodicals, and unpublished material).

    Mikhail, E.H. Dissertations on Anglo-Irish Drama: A Bibliography of Studies 1870-1970. London, Macmillan, 1973. (Burns Library: Z2039.D7 M54 1973 IRISH) Provides bibliographical citations for about 500 dissertations written between 1870-1970 in the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Canada, and Europe.  The citations are grouped by literary subjects, from Samuel Beckett to William Butler Yeats.

    O'Malley, William T. Anglo-Irish Literature: A Bibliography of Dissertations. New York: Greenwood Press, c1990. (O'Neill Library: Reference PR8711.A54x 1990; Burns Library: Z2037.A54 1990 REF) Provides bibliographical citations for dissertations written 1873-1989 at American, Irish, British, Canadian, and European universities. The dissertations are on Anglo-Irish literature written between 1600 and 1965.  The first part is organized by subject (the literary author) and the second by general and topical studies.

    Patterson, Margaret C. Literary Research Guide, pp. 149-152. New York: Modern Language Association, 1983. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z6511.P37 1983) Aims to provided "sources for research in Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Commonwealth, world, classical, and comparative literature" on fields as diverse as folklore, film, and history, to name just a few.  Entries are annotated.

    Warner, Alan. A Guide to Anglo-Irish Literature. Dublin: Gill and MacMillan; New York: St. Martin's Press, 1981. (O'Neill Library: PR8711.W37) Focuses on Irish writers who wrote in English.  Provides an exposition of themes or styles common to many Anglo-Irish writers, from the "big house" perspective of Maria Edgeworth to the humbler origins of William Carleton, in addition to Dublin writers, authors of the Literary Revival, and living authors.

    Watson, George. The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature. Cambridge [Eng.]: University Press, 1969-77 [Vol. 1, 1974]. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2011.N45) A multi-volume set.  The first volume covers Anglo-Saxon literature (600-1100), Middle English (1100-1500), and the Renaissance to the Restoration (1500-1660).  The second and third volumes encompass 1660-1800, 1800-1900, and 1900-1950.  Literature in Latin is included if appropriate, but Celtic-language literature is excluded.  Covers a wide variety of topics, from religion to law to science to travel.

    Weekes, Ann Owens. Unveiling Treasures: The Attic Guide to the Published Works of Irish Women Literary Writers. Dublin: Attic Press, 1993. (O'Neill Library: Reference PR8733.W33x 1993) This is "a collection of bibliographical and biographical information on Irish women who have published a volum of poetry, fiction, or drama from the eighteenth century to the present time." Weekes defines "Irish women" broadly to include a woman of Irish descent, or any woman living in Ireland.