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Promoting your Writing

This is a guide for sources available for historians at Boston College targeted for professionals.

So you've published something awesome

The text that you spent countless nights over and skipped breakfast for is out for public consumption. What you want now is for people to know about and engage your excellent research. Here are some recommendations on how to let people know and promote your work. 

What you can do

To promote your own work, you could do a few things. 

For any texts:

  • Post and cross-post on all the social media platforms that you use
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram (the text has a front page or cover)
    • Your blog
    • Your department's blog
  • Ask your friends to just post on their social media accounts about your work
  • Update your personal website (and/or faculty page) with an "media toolkit"
  • Look into relevant institutional or group blogs and request permission to write a short, information text about the topic of your publication
  • Set up an alert for reviews and post about those reviews (when they're excellent)

For books and edited volumes:

  • Request relevant journals review your book/anthology
  • Have someone who likes your book (and there are lots) write a review on Amazon.
  • Alert your publisher when you'll be at a conference so they'll have the book out on display (and then post a picture with you and the book)

What the library can do for your

From the Boston College Libraries side, there are a few things we can do for depending on what you've published. 

  • Send out a Tweet celebrating your work, whatever that work maybe
  • Purchase a copy of your book or the anthology your chapter was published in for Boston College Libraries
  • Do a "New Faculty Publications" interview with you about your new monograph, anthology, movie, or series of articles
    • Decide how you want the interview disseminated: Boston College Libraries only, New Books Network, on your webpage?

To have us do any of these things, write your subject liaison