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This is a guide for sources available for historians at Boston College targeted for professionals.

Sending Lists to Reserves

Before each semester, we (the Libraries) ask faculty to submit a list of the texts (and other materials) they are assigning students so that we can put them on course reserves either in print of digitally. --NOTE: Due to health considerations surrounding the Fall 2020 semester, we are only doing digital reserves at this time.--

To do so, you can either fill out the Reserves Form or email Bee Lehman (history librarian) with your list of texts or your syllabus. 

We ask you do this before the semester starts so that we can get your texts up for you in a timely fashion. Be aware that Amy Howard (reserves librarian) receives a flood of e-mails from multiple departments at the beginning of each semester. If you e-mail last minute, your texts will go up slowly as Amy tries to handle the beginning-of-semester deluge. 

Films and Video for Reserves

If you are assigning a film for class, we are happy to try and get access in order to put it on Reserves. Be aware, however, that getting access to a film can be tricky and we (the Libraries) often need time to figure it out. 

If possible, we will privilege streaming access, but it often means short-term (1 or 3 years) access. Buying a DVD would mean for the life of the disk, which if often longer but fewer people can watch (you can check out DVD players at the circulation desk). It is a violation of U.S. copyright law to copy that disk for group viewing, but we can assist with creating clips of a DVD. Let us know if you'd like assistance. 

Checking the Progress

To check whether your materials are on reserve, you can go to the Course Reserves page. You will need to "Login to view courses in your schedule."

Once you login, you will need to put your class number in in the following format: THEO1088.01 (four letter subject, four number course, period with section number). You can also look at the reserves list through Canvas. 


As Amy puts material into your reserves list, they will automatically populate under your Canvas Library/Reserves tab.

If you'd like assistance organizing that material, your history librarian (Bee Lehman) can help. To actually do so, however, you (the faculty) need to add them to your canvas site (here's a how to). 


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Amy Howard
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Subject Librarian for History

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Bee Lehman, Ph.D.
Office: O'Neill Library 414A

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