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This is a guide for sources available for historians at Boston College targeted for professionals.

Sending Lists to Reserves

Instructors should use Course Resources in Canvas to create reading lists. 

Managing reading lists

Course reading lists are managed through the Course Resources tab in Canvas. Instructors should use this tool to submit requests to the library, reuse past course reading lists, and track the status of requested items.

  • In your Canvas course click Course Resources (left menu), or log into to Course Resources directly. 
  • Reuse a list from a previous semester or create a new list.
  • ADD ITEMS: search for library items or create your own; use Cite It! to import citations from websites.
  • LIBRARY DISCUSSION: request items / ask questions about your list.
  • SEND TO LIBRARY: submit your list to the library for processing and to make your list viewable to your students.

Need help?

Films and Video for Reserves

If you are assigning a film for class, we are happy to try and get access in order to put it on Reserves. Be aware, however, that getting access to a film can be tricky and we (the Libraries) often need time to figure it out. 

If possible, we will privilege streaming access, but it often means short-term (1 or 3 years) access. Buying a DVD would mean for the life of the disk, which if often longer but fewer people can watch (you can check out DVD players at the circulation desk). It is a violation of U.S. copyright law to copy that disk for group viewing, but we can assist with creating clips of a DVD. Let us know if you'd like assistance. 

Checking the Progress

To check whether your materials are on reserve, you can go to your Canvas course page. Select the Course Resources menu to access your reserves list.

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