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Modern History

This is a guide for sources available for historians at Boston College targeted for professionals.


This is a growing list of documentaries on modern world history. Note that most streaming licenses are usually for one or three years, which means that links can fail. Also be aware that these lists are of films that have been available, which does not mean that they currently are.

If you'd like assistance finding a documentary on specific topics or would like a title included, write your subject liaison

What's on This Page

This page has a lot on it. You can use the following anchors (links down the page) to jump straight to a relevant box.

    For video news

    Looking for news clips for your class?

    For historical newspapers and television, visit BC Libraries' Historical Video News page.

    Modern: Africa

    Modern: Asia

    Modern: Europe

    Modern: Latin America

    Modern: MENA

    Modern: U.S.

    Modern: World Wars

    Great Courses