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Film (Documentaries and More)

This is a guide for sources available for historians at Boston College targeted for professionals.

Documentaries on Historical Topics

This is a filmography to films--documentaries and feature films--on historical topics. Find documentary titles in the first list (on the left on a computer screen) and feature films (on the right). Note that films with links means BC has e-access. Films without a title-link means we would have to search for access. 

Write your subject liaison with any questions or concerns. 


A Note on Licensing for e-Access

When we purchase online access, we usually pay for a one or three year license, which means we have temporary access. Once our license expires, we can usually buy access again. We are happy to (try and) do so.

Streaming Databases

For our complete list of subscription streaming services, visit our Streaming Collections page.

Short Videos on Historical Topics

Programs with Long Episodes