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Formatting in Word

This is a guide for sources available for historians at Boston College targeted for professionals.

What's on This Page

This page has a lot on it. You can use the following anchors (links down the page) to jump straight to a relevant box.

    Formatting the Base Document (font / style)

    To format your Word document's font, paragraph spacing, and more:

    • Open your document
    • On the "Home" ribbon, look to the right for the styles boxes

    • On the right-click (cntr + click) menu, "Modify" your "Normal" style (the base of your document's formatting) to meet your needs

    Creating Section Breaks

    To create sections in your document:

    • Go to the "Layout" Ribbon
    • Click the down arrow to the right of "Breaks"

    Word Layout Screenshot

    • Select "Next Page" to start the next section on a new page 

    Page Number Manipulation

    Once you have your sections set up, you can manipulate your page numbers by section. 

    To do so:

    • Go to the section you want to add, change, or update page numbers for. 
    • Select the "Insert" ribbon at the top of your window.
    • Click on the down-arrow to the right of the "Page Number" icon.

    screen shot of Word Insert ribbon

    • "Page Number" allows you to insert page numbers. 
    • "Format Page Numbers" allows you to change the first page number in your section or continue from the previous section. 

    screenshot of Microsoft Word "Page Number Format" box

    • If you don't see the page numbers you want, try "Remove Page Numbers" on the "Insert" ribbon and try again. 


    Footnote / Endnote Number Manipulation

    To change your note (i.e., either endnote or footnote) numbering with each chapter (section):

    • Right click (cntr + click) the footnote you want to change the numbering for.

    screenshot of right click on footnote

    • Select "Footnote"

    screenshot of footnote/endnote formatting in Word

    • On the pop-up menu, look under "Format" at "Numbering."
    • Select "Restart each section" if you want your notes to begin with "1" in each chapter (i.e., section).