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First-year Writing Seminar


Finding Articles

Finding Articles with Databases (5:19)

Find out how databases can make your academic research more productive and efficient. Learn about choosing a database, limiting your results in useful ways, and locating articles.

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Scholarly Resources: Multiple Fields

For scholarly publications, start with databases that search across multiple fields, such as the few selected below.


For current & recent news (1982-present) from major worldwide newspapers, use Lexis Nexis. For other news, check in the Finding Newspapers Guide. Not sure if an article you've found is credible? Check out the Real News Guide for tips on assessing credibility of news sources.

Scholarly Resources: Sample Single Fields

When you want to take a deeper dive into scholarly articles, search in a database that focuses on a single field. Here is a small selection of databases and indexes often useful for FWS research projects. To find others, look in the Research Guides.


"Magazines" refers to periodic (monthly, weekly, quarterly) publications that are intended for a broad audience, and are often commercial - i.e., intended to turn a profit. Coverage is current and topical, and often caters to particular demographic groups with focused interests and perspectives.