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First-year Writing Seminar


Getting Started


First-year Writing gives you a chance to explore BC Libraries while undertaking interesting research projects that bridge different fields. You will not only get to know the libraries better, but also engage directly with scholarship, and grow more aware of the variety of diverse viewpoints, methods for investigating and reporting on phenomena, and types of publications.

Librarians will present more detailed information to your class, and may provide more links to resources relevant to your research via email or in Canvas.

Introduction to BC Libraries (1:51)

A quick overview of services, spaces, and resources available to you. Find more details in Introduction to BC Libraries:Getting Started.

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Focusing Your Research (3:36)

Learn how to develop and focus your research project by exploring course readings, library resources, and the Internet.

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Background Information (General)

Encyclopedias and dictionaries provide overviews, and help you learn the context, vocabulary, concepts, timelines, and names of people and places relevant to your research project. These are a good place to begin, because they will help you focus your topic and generate terms for searches.

Background Information (Issues)

Some of our databases are also well suited to providing overviews for controversial issues currently or recently in the news: