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English Literature


Finding Criticism: Articles

Major Literature Databases

The databases below index articles in thousands of scholarly, peer-reviewed journals; some of them also index--and/or include full text of--works of literature, biographical information, and interviews or reviews from the popular presses. Though these databases' coverage overlaps, researchers pursuing a comprehensive search should use them all.

Browse Journals

Choose from a wide array of major literature journals hosted by Browzine, and browse article titles by volume and issue.

Bibliography Databases

When you need the most comprehensive list of relevant titles prepared by experts in the field, you need a bibliography.

History Databases

Search these history databases for scholarly articles about the historical period and locale in which your literary work is set.

Popular Periodicals

Use popular magazine articles contemporary to the time you are studying as primary sources related to your subject.

Classics, Philosophy & Religion Databases

Many English and American literary works are either based on or allude to religious or classical texts, and literary criticism has a long association with philosophy.

Interdisciplinary Databases

The study of literature intersects with so many disciplines that you many need to seach broad multidisciplinary databases like JSTOR or FRANCIS, or multidisciplinary databases that target gender or race issues such as GenderWatch, Ethnic NewsWatch, or LGBTQ+ Source.

Siegfried Sassoon

Portrait of Sassoon by Glyn Warren Philpot, 1917. Fitzwilliam Museum