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Historical Newspapers

Current, contemporary, and historical news sources available through the Boston College Libraries.

Historical Newspapers

Contemporary U.S. Paper Collections

Papers from the NorthEast

Papers from the West Coast

The Middle

[East of the Rockies, West of the Appalachians]

World News

Asian Newspapers

European Papers

Irish Newspapers

South American and Caribbean Newspapers

Foreign Translated News

Historical Online Indexes

Though we do not own direct fulltext access, these papers can be searched online and fulltext requested via Interlibrary Loan.

Microfilm Highlights @ BC

Several newspapers are available in microform at O'Neill Library, including:

  • Atlanta Daily World (1931–2013)
  • Boston Evening Transcript
  • Boston Herald (1848–1977)
  • Boston Pilot (1829–2007)
  • Cleveland Call & Post (1934–2003)
  • Los Angeles Times (1970–2009)
  • Philadelphia Tribune (1912–2003)
  • Pittsburgh Courier (1923–1977)

These papers and others are shelved on O'Neill Level 1 by title.

Microfilm @ BPL

Boston Public Library offers the most complete collection of Boston-area newspapers on microfilm, as well as other titles from Massachusetts and beyond.

Microfilm @ CRL

Center for Research Libraries has a large collection of U.S. and foreign newspapers.

Mostly on microfilm, our membership with CRL entitles the BC community to borrow large amounts of this material for extended periods.