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CHEM5510: Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry


2. Find Background Information

Search Topic

Drug example: ropinirole, a former "top 200" small molecule drug  2D structure of ropinirole hydrochloride

Find Background Information

For an overview of your topic, read background information in resources like dictionaries, encyclopedias, review articles, and treatises.

Search for ropinirole in DailyMed, select a label, and examine the sections. How could you use this information in your paper?

Access Databases

Contact Nancy Curtis, the Chemistry and Physics librarian, if you have questions about creating a SciFindern account.

For general help connecting to library databases, searching, and finding full text articles, Ask A Librarian.

Check Assignment Requirements

Check your assignment instructions for requirements unrelated to the topic of your search.

  • Language (usually English is expected)
  • Document type or type of literature (usually peer-reviewed original research is expected)
  • Others?

When in doubt, check with your instructor.