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CHEM5510: Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry


1. Introduction

Use the Library for CHEM5510

Use this guide to start searching key databases to find articles for your assignment. Contact the Chemistry Librarian, Nancy Curtis, when you have questions or want to set up a consult.


Today's class introduces SciFindern (SciFInder-n), a key search tool for chemical literature, and PubMed, a core database for biomedical research and clinical work.

After today's class you should be able to

  • "Translate" terminology from your assignment into the formal terminologies used by the SciFindern and PubMed databases
  • Construct a replicable search strategy for the SciFindern and PubMed databases
  • Use filters in SciFindern and PubMed to focus on search results appropriate for your assignment

General Library Introduction

Subject Librarian