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Latin American Studies


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Guide to print and electronic resources for Latin American Studies.

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The Latin American Open Archives Portal is a project of the Latin Americanist Research Resources Project - LARRP, in collaboration with the Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC, to improve access to social sciences grey literature produced in Latin America. The portal provides access to working documents, pre-prints, research papers, statistical documents, and other difficult-to-access materials from the "deep Web." Typically, this content is published by research institutes, non-governmental organizations, and peripheral agencies that are not controlled by commercial publishers.

The portal provides access to digital content from participating data providers and specialized searching services for the Latin Americanist social sciences research community.

LAOAP's content reflects five primary components:

  1. identification of appropriate resources
  2. vetting their authenticity and authority, as measured by the institutions that publish them
  3. gaining permission from publishing institutions to post their materials
  4. providing access to digital manifestations of content
  5. offering a trusted repository to institutions that desire it.