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Hebrew Bible / Old Testament



This is a guide that explores resources in biblical studies focusing on the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament.

The tutorial videos in this section were designed to help students become familiar with some basic tools that will be instrumental in any research project at Boston College.

Searching for journal articles in the Atla Religion Database

Oxford Bibliographies in Biblical Studies

Oxford Bibliographies in Biblical Studies is a great resource as you begin your research for identifying seminal works of scholarship in your area of study.  The bibliographies are extensive and integrated with links to the library catalog.  To check if a source is available via BC Libraries, click on the "+" sign and then on the "Find it @ BC" button.

Oxford Bibliographies find it at BC button


Searching Old Testament Abstracts Online

Old Testament Abstracts is available online, covering all abstracts from the years 1978-2017 (with the most recent abstracts from 2017-present available through ProjectMuse).  This database can be extremely useful for skimming through related articles on specific topics within the Old Testament.  The following is a step-by-step guide on how to search the Old Testament Abstracts electronic database by scripture citation and how to access the resultant articles.