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Hebrew Bible / Old Testament



This is a guide that explores resources in biblical studies focusing on the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament.


Welcome to this guide on the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible. This guide was designed for students researching and writing papers in biblical studies, especially exegetical papers.  Emphasis has been placed here on providing online materials to support most topics as the BC community continues to operate remotely.

Old Testament or Hebrew Bible?

What Christianity calls "the Old Testament," and what Judaism calls "the Tanakh," refers to a similar but substantially different group of texts in assemblage, translation, and interpretation.  Both terms carry their own set of connotations, and many academic groups have advocated for the use of the more neutral term "Hebrew Bible."  To understand the tradition and exegetical lens of the scholarship you research, it is necessary to understand how these terms are understood and used. These resources can provide you with background information on the concepts of “Old Testament” and “Hebrew Bible.”

Introductory Works to Exegesis

While a professor may assign specific pericopes and outlines to their students, it may be beneficial to familiarize yourself with scholastic suggestions and overviews regarding the exegetical process.  The following are resources that may be useful to students unfamiliar with exegesis or looking to expand their understanding:

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