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Research Support


Managing Research

The Libraries provide support for scholarly research and publishing through all phases of the process. The Subject Liaison Librarians are research partners, saving time and increasing the visibility and impact of the work.

Smart Data Management is Critical

"The work that BC librarians have done--specifically involving data services and data management training for graduate students--is an essential component of a doctoral researcher's education. Proper data management techniques are critical to the research process, and students should learn early on in their graduate careers the various services that are available to them through the libraries."

- A recent PhD Chemistry graduate

Need help with best practices for managing your data? Contact our Data Services Group

Citation management tools


Citation management software saves time and facilitates collaboration. Librarians can provide training and support for major citation management tools. Citation managers can seamlessly export citations from databases and automatically format in-text citations and reference pages.  See our Citation Tools comparison chart.

Often the citation link is called Export and will allow you to log into your management account and directly import citations.

Export Manager


Building Collaborative Bibliographies

Citation management tools are designed for collaborative resource sharing. Whether working with BC colleagues or collaborating with research partners at a different institutions, building and organizing a body of research literature is easier with these tools. 

If you are faculty or staff and would like to obtain EndNote Desktop, please contact your department administrator.

Data Management Plans

Use the Boston College Libraries DMPTool to create your Data Management plan.
Includes grant guidelines and sample language.

Formulate a Data Management Plan for Grants

Got Data?

Data Management Plans (DMP) are required by many government funding agencies. Subject Librarians can assist researchers in writing the DMP. The Data Management Plan guide provides best practices for writing a successful DMP.

More reasons to preserve your data!

  • Important journals require data inclusion
  • It is responsible research practice
  • Prevents risk (to you and the University) of data loss
  • Shared data (“open access”) has a higher citation rate!

Need help with your data? Contact: Data Services